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decipher + interpret - words, figures, names

best if you load down the booklet where everything is described ...

Favorite numbers, words, names from dreams e.g. contain messages ...

You know that - suddenly you have a number in your head, dreamed a name, heard in silence a word without knowing what it means. These phenomena are not lotto numbers to set on, but messages that can be decoded with the abc-code. In 1980, I started looking for answers to my personal and professional questions. The abc-code, in which the numbers 1 to 9, the letters, as well as the colors each got a meaning. These assignments are also an issue in millennia-old Kabbalah and numerology. However, a number there is examined only for their individual digits and for their checksum, but not for other mathematical possibilities. Decoding a word with the abc-code is easy. Normally, a number will be usually checked if it is the result of a simple calculation. But with precise questions, this calculation, whether addition, multiplication, or even power, can be reversed, as it were, and naturally leads - again, of course - to this "dreamed" result. So similar to the subject line of an email that does not say much about the content of the email.


For example, if two people dream the number 17, each dreamer will receive his own individual mathematical term. If you dream the next night again the 17, then another calculation will be created, and with other contents brought to consciousness. I once had the number 4 over several days, which gave me completely different insights on very different topics each time. This first step is called the logical step, and the computational decoding is surely interesting to anyone who loves numbers and simple math. Of course, a number can also mean the duration in a period of time, or the number of things, or the number of corners of a geometric figure, or the age of a person, or something else. Do not let yourself go to the fence, but ask! Questioning until you find the right answer is the right solution. Working with the pendulum is helpful, because only you know the right answers.


The second step is to assign the meanings to the individual components of the term and - which people are in it. Here, intuition and imagination are both necessary to put a meaningful text next to the logical sequence of the interpreted numbers. The two steps show that yin and yang can not be separated. Clever solutions are thus found only with both forms of energy.


Numerology has been sufficient as a relatively rigid and static system for centuries to give people answers to their questions. Today in the fast and individualized world everyone wants their exact answer to their individual problem and no general advice. This is mainly due to the fact that the abc-code does not provide any specific answers without your own conscious questions. So the system requires independent and inquisitive minds. Only because of your individual questionings the abc-code becomes an applicable instrument. In other words, the abc-code is an instrument on which you can play your own music. But without players no music - so play!


Internet and e-mail make it possible to spread the abc-code around the world and around the clock. This was not the case before the millennium. Most fun is decoding your dreams, numbers, words, names together. The conversation opens the mind and includes a third force, which we so often neglect: the divine spirit - which in the abc-code occupies letter "F" or number "7". It makes sense, too, that the divine spirit is invited to have a say, specially if you are on the move towards your own soul with logic and intuition ;-)

Internet and e-mail make it possible to carry the body code outside, around the world and around the clock. This was not the case before the millennium. The most fun is the breaking up in pairs. The conversation loosens the mind and leaves above all a third force, which we so often neglect to include, the divine spirit, which in the construction code the letter "F" or the number "7" occupied. It makes sense, too, that he is allowed to have a say, if you are on the move with logic and intuition towards your own soul ;-)

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