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best if you load down the booklet where everything is described ...

I was surprised that after channeling the uppercase and lowercase letters that correspond to nouns and verbs, suddenly the Greek alphabet got meanings. What at first looked like an Swiss Cheese with many holes ... resulted in a meaningful text alternating between nouns and verbs in the Greek alphabet:


Let me give you an example:

In the EARTH you plant, the HEAVEN shines, the LIGHT radiates, the BREATH we breathe, the INSPIRATION we receive, the ORGAN organizes, the INITIATIVE begins, the LOVE ACT penetrates, in the PRAYER we believe, the MOTIVE moves, with our WILL we want, with our LIFE we are happy, for LOVE we witness, the GUIDANCE lead us, in the INITIATION we trust, the HOLY GRAIL sends, the WORD OF GOD speaks to us, the FULFILLMENT we hear, the TASK we realize, for ACTION we act, the CORE OF THE THING sprouts, the SUCCESS results from it, the BLOOM blossoms and the COSMOS sounds ...


a beautiful sequence that does not exist in the German alphabet, but there are stored nouns and verbs, which are just as important - have a try!


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