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dialogue with the universe

Dialogue with the universe, conversations with God, about your own destiny - all these are topics that move modern people, and let them write texts to bring this or that closer, so therefore, me too. That's why I'll summarize briefly. We are all children of God, or children of this universe, and instead of defiant children turning against their parents, we should ally ourselves as adults to the universe, because that alone is the power we need for purpose in our lives ... now, you mean - easier said than done.


Alright - did you already try it?

If yes - and you are one with everything, then close this website - if not, then read on ...

what the abc-logo means:

number 2 (I = spirit) with the color yellow (search)


number 1 (O = soul) with the color red (warmth)


number 3 (A = body) with the color blue (freedom)

or said in a free text: 

a seeking spirit - in a warm soul - in a free body

best if you load down the booklet where everything is described ...

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