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anti stress list

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The anti stress list

Stress arises if you want to do two things at the same time that are incompatible with each other. Most people confuse the anti-stress list with a list of priorities where the most important item should be on top of the list. The most important thing, however, is not always what comes first. If you're looking for a job while being hungry but your fridge is empty, what do you do first? Reading the newspaper, writing applications or shopping? You see, an anti stress list will help you bringing order into your daily and weekly schedule by putting all your big and small to do's in a chronological order. Ask yourself and the cosmos on which point each single task comes, write it there and when finished you start with the first thing do to. Pretty simply, isn't it. This might look like this: Bringing shoes to repair (listen and write it to the number that you hear inside) let's say point 5. Then e.g. clarify mortgage with the bank (important!) - but it is only on 18th place.  Call your best friend (right now!) ... no it is only on 4th place (because he is not there today). Going with your toddler to the doctor is on place 8. Making new proposals for the house rules (for years a perennial burner) remains on place 20. If the list is ready then you start on top with doing what is necessary - and the cosmos will help you. After a while, you'll make a new list with maybe 15 or even 25 points. It's your list, not mine. I do my own directly on the block or in my booklet, which is for everything else anyway with me. So I can sit comfortably in the cafe because I know which point is to do ... Let’s do it and have fun!

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