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As part of a research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, I had the chance to supervise an archaeological project on the Palatine Hill in Rome for three years. This is the outer story that culminated in a book on archaeological and architectural history. The Istituto Svizzero di Roma, the ETH Zurich and the Pro Helvetia Foundation each own at least one copy of this book.


My inner story was also a research project, investigating all the personal questions that piled up in me: questions about partnership, sexuality, job or vocation, money, the meaning of life, my very meaning in life: what am I doing here on this planet?


That sounds familiar to you, right?


Archaeologists record all finds, with good reason - not to lose the path. So I got a book and wrote down all the questions I was looking for, distressed, interested - and not only that - I allowed myself to give answers, provisional working titels that had yet to find their final version ...


Over time, I found that an inner voice, very similar to my own, gave me an answer to my questions. And those answers have electrified me. So I went on asking and wrote down the answers. In addition to many important messages for me, the abc-code was created.


That was in the years 1983 - 1989 and in the following years. With this new website I now provide the code. My special thanks go to Anne Benson who did the extensive editing of this English version. The copyright for the content lies with me. Personal use of the code is strongly desired. For questions I may refer to our contact form.

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