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how it works

best if you load down the booklet where everything is described ...

Do you want to discover the abc-code,

then get a journal first and take a pendulum - a larger washer or a semi-precious stone donut will be enough to fasten a piece of twine - and ask for your personal sign for yes and no. For example, my clockwise circling is for yes, swinging left and right as shaking your head is the sign for no. Do not be afraid of the pendulum. It's nothing occult. It's also not the pendulum that gives the answer. As a human you are receptive to vibrations - like an instrument. The pendulum, however, makes the vibration visible, just as the pointer on a clock shows the time, or the screen on the computer what you are doing. Your inner interlocutor helps: You ask yourself, you yourself postulate answers and check them with the pendulum or with the inner ear for their correctness. I myself need the pendulum if the facts are complex and, accordingly, are far apart. But - let's start:

If you now want to decode a number and interpret it,

then you should boost your mathematical sense. With puzzle, tinkering, intuitive grasping you get to the goal. You remember - calculations were made at school. You had to calculate the result. The abc-code is the other way round. Here the number (you possibly dreamed) corresponds to the result. The task now is to reconstruct the corresponding calculation that led to this result. Of course, there are endless possibilities. So how do I find out which of these options is the right one now and today? - You ask until you have found the right term via the yes / no technic. This is actually very fast and is like riding a bicycle - at some point you can do it. But now to the order: Ask as follows: · Is the number the result of an calculation? If so, is it an addition or a subtraction? · A multiplication or a division? · A potency or a root? Now ask further, if the found parts of the calculation can be further dismantled, as far as the whole calculation stands in its individual limbs. So - write this down in your new book, which you got for your personal ABC messages. As an example (and each number is different!) let's take the number 5, an addition, here for example 2 + 3, this sum is further divided: 2 + 4 - 1. At most there is a third, fourth, fifth step , here: 2 + 2 x 2 - 1. When you are ready, you replace these single-digit numbers by the letters or their word meanings from the chapter "numbers 1 - 9". Are there still multi-digit numbers, ask if this means years, dates, ages or a number of parts of ... what do you hear? ... of something bigger. After this mathematical / logical part it now goes on to the decoding of name and word.

Decode a word and interpret it?

Maybe in the dream you had an encounter with a person named ... or you want to decode your own name or the name of someone you know. Maybe a word such as "teapot", "slotted ear", "nail file" or "what-the-hell" is stuck in your head and does not want to get out. Write down this word or name - preferably in lowercase or all in capital letters. Since each letter has four ways of being written, you proceed as follows and ask: · How many letters does the word have? · How many of these are capital letters? · Which? Put a dot under the letters. · How many are Greek? · Which? Place a dot over the letter. · Write the small letters blue, the big ones red, the Greek ones with dots on top.

Back to the decoded number:

Since you have replaced the individual numbers of the calculation with letters, you proceed as described above and ask in which of the four possible versions the letter is to be written. Now you ask if between the individual letters more letters - usually small and usually very few - are to be set. Write this down. Our example now has the form:

2 + 2 x 2 - 1 or replaced with letters from the first chapter:

I + I x I - ONE (the "1" - wanted to be written in english)

the check for capital letters resp. Greek gives the following:

, I + I x, I - O'N'E

Now let's write that down again:

I + i x I - o'N'E Attention - many of the Greek capital letters are written the same. The point above is important. Now there are two more small letters added:

I + ix I - o'N'E u, p

Again, many lowercase Greek letters are spelled the same as in the German alphabet. The dot or apostrophe above is so important. Now the mathematical / logical phase has been played through and we come to the intuitive / interpretive phase:

How do you get to a meaningful interpretation text?

by writing the found term from the first phase vertically to each other so that there is - on the left side - room left for the basic meanings of the individual letters. Our example looks like this: mind I = give + u develop i = x mind I = send - 'p be o = love' N = inspiration 'E = Now you ask, to whom - mostly there are people, families, projects - refer to the basic meanings. At most you have to adjust the basic meaning of something. For example, the big T means BIRTH - but it can also be called start, new beginning, departure. The same applies to the other basic meanings. Make small marginal notes on who it is, e.g. the partner, a parent, the work colleague, the supervisor, a neighbor. Do not forget God, or if you don't like this term call him original creator of this cosmos. This usually turns on when you work with the abc-code. Give him a chance too. If you now intuitively try to formulate a text that contains all the basic meanings and additions in turn, you will receive a somewhat cryptic text that makes sense to you personally. Do not forget that you can not push yourself forward without asking yourself ... and that you yourself give the answers and explanations. The abc-code is like a vehicle whose operation I just have explained. But where you go ... ultimately, you decide yourself. My current example has meanwhile received the following meaning text:

spirit I =            the SPIRIT of the abc-code

give + u            give those,

develop i =      who develop themselves,


spirit I =             because their SPIRIT

send – ‘p           is sending for

be o =                being

love ‘N =           in LOVE

inspiration ‘E = and INSPIRATION

You want to receive a general message?

So if you want to receive a - I call it ABC message - then grab your book or a piece of paper, colored pens and ask: How many digits does the message have? Mostly three, four or five, sometimes more. Then you ask each place, whether it contains a letter, a number, a color, a symbol or a component from another system, such as sequence or zodiac, for example. But most of the time it does not go that far. Ask each letter for capital or lowercase, and if they are in Greek. Recording numbers, you ask if there are results of calculations and derive them accordingly. Furthermore, intermediate links are still possible between the individual positions, usually small letters which serve as verbs for the connection of the individual nouns.

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