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Yes We Can

Aktualisiert: 20. Juli 2018

It has a lot of energy that the Universe wants to send to this earth. The energy of the „YES".


In so many places people have rebelled, especially in the Arab world, hoping for something better, went out to the streets, but have been tortured by military and religion, by politics, massacred by all. Their ideals have been broken, and many millions are on the run. But it started with a force parallel to "Yes We Can". We can make a difference, but around this world, this very force is extremely fought by all who are in power. Because "Yes We Can" is not what the despots want. They need a secret police, that's why Vladimir P. is the best, because he knows best how to act cruelly and hardest. Because if you immediately defame every move that seeks the truth, freedom and peace, you have tormented every man or woman, have broken them, defamed their families, then you have repeatedly broken the backbone of "Yes We Can".

But there is a lot of YES energy coming to this earth, for each one of us, and the time with social media - besides all the negative effects they have - joins many YES together. That's why the social media, despite all the problems they have, are the much bigger antagonist of "divide et impera". And wherever people get into their "Yes We Can" and feel that this joins with the "yes to life" something changes. And so Donald T. must be even more grotesque, showing more of his face, his true face, show that no poor citizen in America cares him even so much, no he even oversteps the budget for education. He wants military, he wants a military parade like in France, he wants to have on the chessboard of the powerful most of the characters, and there is no price too high. America is much more than a Donald T. and the more people come into their "YES" and see where their "no" is, that they do not want to sacrifice their lives for the power fantasies of power-hungry, fraud-stricken people who manipulate them, pushing them around like chess pieces.

That is why the force mentioned above is quite firmly a force up from the ground, from the individual to the top. There is no rescue from the top down. Even if Barack O. was a clear predecessor and then elected as someone who expresses this power, it was not enough. It also needs this very clear „NO - I do not want that". We do not longer believe in the sweet lure of the devil, who says you can have everything. The Mighty One always follow the same law: You can have everything, but for that I want your soul, your freedom, and your righteousness. You become my servant. And last, you get nothing except empty promises. The promise seduces, especially those who do not believe in themselves. Not believing in oneself, having lost one's own "yes", makes you blind to those who promise them something, but only mean „no".

It will happen a lot in the course of summer, fall 2018, because at first it has to be very drastic before the forces clear up. It has happened a lot, but in places that have been more side-scenes in terms of world politics. Now Israel and Iran are in conflict. It is getting more and more explosive. But there will not be another world war, because too many people, just because of the social networks, know that they are sold as stupid, they they have been betrayed. And citizens can mobilize enormous forces for what they find right. But when they realize that it's a scam, and if it's not to wipe away, to gloss over is to streamline, then the support is over, then this bubble bursts.

Your role in all of this is to receive your "YES", pass it on, within your touch fields. And you already do that. There are still many of these YES forces coming. This is what is constantly shining in your inner messages: to open yourself to the divine nourishment, the fulfillment, the rites, the words that are available as in the ABC Code: For what mankind is trying to pass on, to plant, to evolve that it multiplies, that it strengthens. That's the topic and you are at it, and there you see: who is with you and who is not.

Some have a good heart but no clear mind. If you live something that is not right then you are abusing love, then you are so thirsty and hungry. And you do not look well, what in turn that means for the person who loves you.


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