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CroxBelt Designer


Hello - I'm an architect, designer and musician, playing jazz piano, tuba and sousaphone. More than 30 years ago I started to develop a strap for my sousaphone to carry it on both shoulders, with my back and pelvin. The CROXBELT strap now has become a really helpful tool for all tuba and sousaphone players. Enjoy the lightness of wearing your instrument with this strap.

CROXBELT II/40, II/50, III/50 which can be used also for baritonsaxes!


Juerg Spoerri

Muenchsteig 1

8008 Zuerich

+41 76 377 10 97


General distribution

for resellers:

Musikhaus Kubli

Uetlibergstrasse 124

8045 Zuerich

+41 44 450 77 70

CroXbelt first Design
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CroxBelt Designer

Ich bin Architekt und Designer und spiele Jazz-Piano, Tuba und Sousaphon. Vor mehr als 30 Jahren habe ich mit der Entwicklung eines Tragsystems für Tuba und Sousaphon begonnen, welches das Gewicht auf beide Schultern, den Rücken und das Becken verteilt. Vor ein paar Jahren ist daraus ein eigenständiges Produkt entstanden: CROXBELT II/40, II/50, III/50, der ebenfalls für Baritonsaxes verwendet werden kann.

Viel Spass beim Spielen mit dem CROXBELT! 

what makes the CROXBELT extraordinary ?   

it's not only the CroXbelt around your body ...

it's the MiniStrap or MaxiStrap which fits a     ring on the tuba or the sousaphone          ;-)  there where you always wanted to hook in !  

Stückpreise/single prices : 

CHF 039.00      1 MiniStrap only     (30mm)               

CHF 049.00      1 MaxiStrap only    (50mm)               

CHF 139.00      1 CroXbelt II/40       (40mm)              

CHF 149.00      1 CroXbelt II/50       (50mm)              

CHF 069.00      1 WaiXbelt40           (40mm)               

CHF 079.00      1 WaiXbelt50           (50mm)               

CHF 198.00      1 CroXbelt III/50      (50mm)               

Set Preise/set prices : 

CHF 207.00   Euphonium  II/40 (1CBII/40+2MNS30)  

CHF 247.00  Tuba  II/50           (1CBII/50+2MXS50)     

CHF 296.00  Tuba  I)I/50           (1CBIII/50+2MXS50)   

CHF 198.00  Sousaphone II/50 (1CBII/50+1MX50)      

CHF 247.00  Sousaphone  III/50 (1CBIII/50+1MX50)   

not sure what you need ... ?                      ask by mail 

and what is the difference between all that .....  ???? 

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