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  • CroXbelt - Strap for Euphonium, Tuba or Sousaphone

    Sousaphone and tuba player should not suffer from carrying their instrument. CroXbelt is the clever answer for both instruments. The belt is crossing twice your back and goes also around your waist. So the sousaphone is no longer based on one shoulder only. The weight is taken by both shoulders and by your back and waist as well.

    MaxiStrap is the strap to fix a ring around your tuba or sousaphone - without damaging the instrument! You might need that if there is no existing hook or ring at the right place. Check it out!

    CroXbelt has been developed and designed by Juerg Spoerri, who is an architect and designer. He plays jazz piano, tuba and sousaphone himself. So - do not hesitate to ask him directly what's all about the magic CroXbelt: juerg.spoerri (a) aufbauhaus.ch or give him a phone call: +41 44 261 18 38 or go to the website www.croxbelt.com

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